Sunday, February 12, 2012

European Edged Weapons Books

"Edged Weapons, European"            "Atwood, Lt. Col. James P."            "The Daggers and Edged Weapons of Hitler's Germany"            "Berlin; 1970 by Author - third printing"            "7 3/4"" X 11"" - 240pp - Very well illustrated - the first and basic reference and a must for all collector's of Nazi edged weapons - book near mint, DJ shows some wear, small piece missing from spine"            $65.00            

"Edged Weapons, European"            "Davidson, H.R.Ellis"            "The Sword in Anglo - Saxon England"            "Oxford; 1962 Clarendon Press"            "6"" X 8 3/4"" - 237pp. plus 16 plates - the 1st edition of this basic source on style, construction and history of these early swords - an as new copy in like DJ"            $60.00        

"Edged Weapons, European"            "Dufty, Arthur R."            "European Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London"            "London; 1974 H.M.S.O."            "10"" X 12 1/4"" - 157pp - 100's swords and daggers illustrated, color frontis - a very scarce title - as new condition"            $125.00           

"Edged Weapons, European"            "Johnson, Thomas M. & Wittmann, T. T."            "Collecting Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany"            "Columbia, S.C.: 1988 Privately Published"            "7 1/2"" X 10 1/2"" - 364pp. -1st edition - beautifully illustrated - mint new"            $45.00                   

"Edged Weapons, European"            "Riaz, Yvan A. DE"            "The Book of Knives"            "Lausanne, Switz.: 1981 Crown"            "9"" X 12"" - 170pp. - beautifully illustrated - Pristine mint condition"            $25.00                      

"Edged Weapons, European"            "van der Sloot, R.B.F. & Kist, J.B."            "Some Facts concerning Sword Hilts at Hoorn around the year 1650"            "no pub.; nd"            "6 1/2"" X 9"" - 12pp. plus 18 plates, mint, letter from Craddock Goins at Smithsonian to Merrill Lindsay included"            $18.00           

"Edged Weapons, European"            "Schaal, Dieter"            "Verzierte Waffen"            "Leipzig; 1981 VEB E.A. Verlag"            "9 1/2"" X 13"" - 16pp text plus 12 beautiful color plates of arms and armour - softbound - plates in loose folio, near fine condition"            $45.00            

"Edged Weapons, European"            "Oakeshott, R. Ewart"            "The Sword in the Age of Chivalry"            "London; 1981 Arms and Armour Press"            "6 1/2"" X 10"" - 156pp - beautifully illustrated with photos and drawings - a revised and up-dated edition of the finest work ever produced on Medieval swords - mint new in like DJ"            $100.00            

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